Rzeszów  has been a city welcoming to visitors for almost 700 years. Its oldest written records date back to 1354, when the medieval city Resovia was granted civic rights. Since then, it has been a meeting point of many European nations from the Byzantine East and Mediterranean West and people from the South and North of Europe. Rzeszów is an excellent example of how a modern, young and dynamically growing agglomeration of 163,000 inhabitants is positioned within its historical heritage.


Today, important transportation links pass through the city of Rzeszów, the international E-40 highway from Dresden, via Krakow and on to Kiev in the Ukraine and the highway E-371 from Gdansk through Warsaw to Slovakia, Hungary and further on to the more southern parts of Europe.
In Jasionka, just a few kilometers from the center of the city, is its airport which services domestic and international flights from London, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin,  Munich, New York, Tel Aviv and Warsaw. Scheduled passenger services are offered by Ryanair, LOT Polish Airlines and Lufthansa.

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